The sign up has opened

You are most welcome to sign up to the competition.

Welcome to Eskilstuna Open 2018

The preparations have been ongoing for some while and now some parameters have been set.

- The competiton will be held in the following classes:

  • Open Racing
  • Racing
  • Club

- The competiton has recived the status of Swedish Championships in the Open Racing and the Racing class.
- Mats Lundqvist will be competition manager.
- Entry fee: Juniors 1100 kr, seniors 2000 kr.
- After the 1 st of April the entry fee will increase with 500 kr.
- The entry fee includes full membership in Eskilstuna Flygklubb during 2018.
- Breakfast will be served in the clubhouse to a cost of 70 kr.
- You can hire a pick up crew, for a cost of 1000 kr, that will drive your car and pick you up in case you land out.
- The towing cost is 450 kr/launch.
- A few cabins are available for rent at a cost of 300 kr/night. First come, first served. Please contact the project manager for more information: proj.manger@eskilstunaopen.se

As usual there a dealers close by the airfield where you can rent caravans. Please contact the project manager for more information.

See you then

The Eskilstuna Open is over for this time. Out of 8 days we had 7 competition days and the competitors flew in total a distance of 30308,19 km.

In 2018 we will be back. See you then!


Welcome to the Eskilstuna Open’s homepage. The competition has been held on a regular basis since 1969 and those who were born back then has lost count of which number this competition will be. What we do know is that the next competition will be held 5th to 12th of May 2018 at the Ekeby airfield.

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