Name Club Class Glider type Competition number
Felix Hoffmann Aero Club Bünde e.V. Club H301 6X
Thorgen Wedemeyer FSV-Ravensberg Club HPH 304C
Christian Lang Flugsportvereinigung Ravensberg Club HPH 304C Y
Ronny Lindell Landskrona Racing class (107 - 114) Discus 2T 8K
Gunilla Lindell Landskrona Racing class (107 - 114) LS 8 RO
Peter Olsson Göteborgs Segelflygklubb Open racing (≥ 115) ASG29E18 JJ
Magnus Hyllander / Stian Skaar Segelflygarna Uppsala Flygklubb Racing class (107 - 114) Duou Discus XLT XLT
Per Carlin Arboga FK Club LS1-f G7
Tor Widman Segelflygarna Uppsala Racing class (107 - 114) Duo Discus XLT AKF
Jan Hasslid SFK Karlstad Open racing (≥ 115) Ventus 2 CxM 1G
Börje Ragnarsson/Claes Andersson Lidköpings Flygklubb Racing class (107 - 114) Duo-Discus H
Richard Swanström Motala FK Racing class (107 - 114) Discus2T IKI
Glenn Löfgren Seglflygklubben i Karlstad Racing class (107 - 114) Duo Discus T DT


Welcome to Eskilstuna Open’s homepage! The competition has taken place many times since 1969, so often that we’ve lost count! What we do know is that the next competition will be held from the 5th to 12th of May 2018 at Ekeby airfield, Eskilstuna.

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